Parent Testimonial

Phenom was a great experience! It gave me a chance to compete on a national level at an early age. It was an eye opener to what i was going to face in my high school years. I would recommend it to all young hoopers than plan on playing varsity and trying to get to the next level.

-Daeshawn Wayne

Parent/ Coach Testimonial

We've only been part of the Phenom family for the past 2 years and it's the best decision we ever made as a basketball family!  We have one son in camp now and my youngest will be as soon as he's old enough because of the experience these kids get at the National camp and the pedigree of the coaches they learn from! I also coach at the National Camp and the opportunities that have come from it and the connections I've made and the family I feel like I've joined is unreal and it feels like this is just the beginning!

Corey Kidd
Rockton, IL
Assistant Boys Varsity Coach Beloit Memorial High School

Parent Testimonial

I'm a parent and my son attended the 2022 Phenom National camp in July. The camp was a very good experience for my son, and he was well motivated for playing basketball after the camp. But the associated services were very slow.

Peng Ning
A parent in California

Parent Testimonial

My son KHALYN Williams -Thomas attended the 2022 Summer Basketball Camp! KHALYN is a good ball player, however he lacked confidence in his skills. After attending the camp his confidence has grown exponentially! KHALYN was chosen as an All-Star! Additionally, he was chosen as the MVP!! For him to win that honor he was humbled and now has a strong sense of his basketball skills. His school was so proud of him that he was featured in the weekly newspaper! Phenom camp is an excellent camp, that builds an athletes confidence, fundaments as well as strengthen athletes weakness. I am so confident in the program, that my son will be attending the 20th anniversary camp in 2023!!
Paulette Nellems Candidate County Council

Parent Testimonial

Our full name is Rick and Candace Frasz and our daughter is Jayla.  We are located in Regina, Saskatchewan Canada and were blessed when our daughter received an invite to attend the Phenom America Girls Camp in San Diego in August 2019.  We were looking for a national camp that would show our daughter what the next level looks like and provide her with a roadmap to set her on a path to play basketball at a higher level.  The camp was exactly what we were looking for.  Here are some of the things that we would like to share from the camp and our experience:

  • Coaching & Leadership - The coaching was amazing with Coach Dave Taylor leading the girls through the camp and teaching them the critical importance of discipline, structure, dedication and focus.  Dave Hopla put on a shooting clinic for the girls and showcased his amazing shooting talent and how to be a consistent shooter.  Joe Keller managed the camp excellently and his staff kept everything flowing smoothly from keeping the Gatorade hydration stations in top shape as well as making sure the girls were properly fed at lunch time to keep them ready to perform at the top of their game.  The camp definitely was a world class event that we would highly recommend to anyone looking to improve their skills and surround themselves with some of the best coaches around.
  • Competition – The camp had about 150-200 girls of various ages in attendance.  Our daughter was 12 at the time and had the opportunity to compete against players from all around the world.  The competition ranged from sharp shooters and amazing ball handlers from all over the world to some of the most dominant players that we have ever seen (there were several 6’3” 12 year old girls at camp plus a 6’6” girl from Australia) It was an experience for our daughter to not only scrimmage and play with these players but to watch some of the games during breaks to see what the competition is like from around the world.  It truly was eye opening.  The camp encouraged all age groups and capabilities and there was a lot of time spent by the coaches to build skills as well as focus on the character and sportsmanship that is also part of the game that we love.
  • More than Basketball – We spent time at the camp meeting other parents and spending time with the Phenom family.  It truly was an amazing experience to get to meet others with the same passion as our daughter.  Our daughter made many new friends from all around the world and is still connected on social media with many of the girls today.  She made friends from Pittsburgh, New York, Texas, California and Arizona.  Finding players that are like minded and driven like our daughter was so cool to see.  Another special moment from camp was at the end of camp when our daughter was thanking Joe Keller for the camp and Joe challenged her to watch the movie, Pay it Forward, and to send him an email to tell him what the movie was about and what she took away from the movie.  We still have her email to Joe and are so thankful for the lessons she learned about giving back and setting in motion a wave of kindness by giving back to others.  To this day we see our daughter using her skills and drive on the basketball court to encourage others and to give back to the community.


We would highly recommend anyone serious about improving their basketball skills or looking to become a better leader to attend the Phenom America camp.  COVID caused a number of delays for us but we continue to be in contact with the Phenom America family and are excited to return to camp in 2023!

Rick Frasz

Regina, Saskatchewan Canada

Coach Testimonial

I have been part of Phenom for the part 7 years now and have been so happy to be a part of coaching at the camps. The relationship built with the Keller family and phenom staff have been wonderful. The relationships with the players I have coaches over the years and their families is beyond meaningful. To receive updates on them playing, graduation announcements to also recruiting players to come play for me at the next level. This is more then about the game of basketball and Phenom understands this. Looking forward to the 20th anniversary event.

Daryl Harrison
Arizona Western College
Yuma, AZ

Parent Testimonial

My son Jace (10yrs old) attended Phenom National Camp 2022. This was my sons first time at the camp and he loved it. While at the camp he was able to see where he excels and the areas that he needs to improve. One of the biggest take aways for me was the amount of talent at the camp. I sat and watched as many games as I could and was blown away at the level of play. One of the highlights for my son was being able to listen to Norman Powell speak to the all the kids. One of the first things my boy said after the camp was “Dad when we get home I’m going work to get better for next year". The Phenom National Camp itself was completely professional with friendly staff that was able to answer any question my wife and I had and if they did not have the answer they were able to find it. All around I was very impressed with Phenom, the staff and the athletes competing. Jace is already registered for Phenom National Camp 2023. If you are on the fence about attending the camp I highly recommend you do so you will not be disappointed.

Jerry Castillo

Salt Lake City, Utah

Parent/ Coach Testimonial

“My name is Tony Wilson and I live in Clearwater Fl. Joe Keller reached out to me in what I believe was January of 2022. He sent me a message and asked me if I had any top level talent that would be interested in playing in the Phenom National event in San Diego. So Joe called & we spoke for over an hour about God, life callings, coaching, family, oh & we even talked about basketball... lol Over the next few months we talked regularly, we struck a friendship & he started telling me that he didn’t care if I even brought any kids, he really wanted me to come out & coach, then he began to ask if I would be interested in running a regional Phenom America camp in Florida. So I made the the trip out to help run the largest worldwide camp I’ve ever been a part of. I ended up bringing 3 of my aau players and my son who played for the Florida Rebels EYBL 16u. I met tons of coaches and used this experience to not only give back to kids but also learn more about the game. I met a young man who wasn’t on the team I coached but during the skills part they were short a player so I decided to help out, this kid was different, he was a “Yesir and no sir” type of kid, I ended up meeting his dad who 3 months later we still are in regular contact. Relationships lead to so many things & this camp was just “different” My son ended up going viral at this camp, he has multiple D1 offers, & has coaches from the camp still helping with his recruitment. I don’t recommend not using your brain, but this is a no brainer
I’ll be back..
Tony Wilson
Clearwater, Florida

Parent/ Coach Testimonial

Last summer was my first camp coaching at Phenom and now I'm forever committed to Phenom as this is the best camp in the world. I had the honor of coaching some of the best talent in the World... from Canada, Australia, Japan, and the elite of the elite representing all 50 states here in the USA and can not wait to do it again! I've been honored to have made connection and kept in touch with a lot of talent because of Phenom. I've made new life long friends that are coaches and share the same love of the game of basketball and passion for seeing talented young players get better and succeed. Phenom is way more than basketball though... Phenom is education, Phenom is development of character, Phenom is development of skills, Phenom is the highest level of competition, but most importantly Phenom is family.
-Coach KJ Wharton, Houston, TX

Player Testimonial

This camp was one of a kind In my opinion and this wasn’t a place to go play basketball but go and learn some life lesson on how if you take care of this sport it will take care of you. It is a 3 day camp once a year but if you treat it correctly the bonds you make from this camp last a lifetime. This camp has helped me meet people from all over this country and seen basketball trough a different picture. The camp has never ended for me due to the great mentorship of joe Keller and the other coaches that always checks in with me and help me understand this is bigger than basketball at all times and when you go to this camp your apart of a bigger family now.

Sirod Winters

Oakland, California

Parent Testimonial

We attended the inaugural Phenom National camp back in 2005. In addition, we attended for another five years. While the competition was great and was a who’s who for national level prospects that went on to play at the collegiate and NBA level, it was the relationship and friends we made that will last a lifetime.

Rick Lewis

Stateville, North Carolina

A Coach’s Perspective on Phenom Basketball Camp

I have been involved with Phenom Basketball in one way or another over the past 10 years. I have sent players to the camp, I have sent my son that currently plays at Moorehouse College to the camp, my youngest son will be attending the camp this upcoming year. I have personal friends (Jordan Lawley for one) that works at the camp, and I coach and have coached at the camp. It is easy to see that I am very connected to Phenom.

With all the camps and different opportunities that I have around me to work with student athletes, why do I choose to be involved with Phenom? The main reason is I see it as the best camp in the country for players to get better.

First and foremost, the court time and instruction provided is insane.  We are up and running early in the morning and we run late into the evening.  Most camps are done at 3:00 pm or 4:00 pm, not Phenom – the days are long, and the players and coaches all put in well over 10 hour days during camp. I do not know any other camp where so much court time is provided as well as film and lecturing.

Second, the coaches are diverse and extremely knowledgeable.  Coaches travel from all over the country (and from outside the country sometimes) to work Phenom. You will not be at another camp where there are so many coaches from so many different places. For us coaches, the networking alone makes the camp a winner.  The coaching staff are not rookies, and they are not only AAU club coaches or only ex-players, but they are experienced middle school, high school and college coaches that are there to make the players better.

Third, the competition is top notch. Players come from all over the country (and from around the world) to attend and compete at Phenom. Some of the best players in the country, at each age level attend Phenom. Take a look at who has attended in the past, but also recently and you will know, this is the camp to come to if you want to play against the best.

Finally, Phenom puts the players first. Everything is top notch and catered to make the camp experience incredible. Great competition, coaching, guest coaches, film, lectures, uniforms – everything provided makes Phenom the best and most unique camp in the country. I can’t wait for 2023!!!!

Best regards,

Coach Brad Doan

Compton Early College High School

Player Testimonial

"I have been lucky enough to have attended a boys camp and a girls camp for Phenom America. Phenom America camp has taught me the tools needed to be able to continue my basketball career at the next level. Making connections with people who care about my future and coaches who push me to do my best is something other camps don't offer. I am blessed to be apart of Phenom and look forward to attending the camps in the future.

-Brisia Crenshaw

Parent of a Professinal Player Testimonial

My son was in Japan when we first attended Phenom. He was a very good player in Japan, however as an American he had never played against top American talent and we wanted him to have that challenge. He played extremely well that year and it changed his approach to not only the game of basketball but also his approach to eating and grades and all of the nuances of the game. He was an 8th grader at the time. He attended the camp 3 more times during HS. We credit his first experience as the one that put him on the road to becoming an elite player.

This year he had an opportunity to  come back and attend the weekend festivities. Being a member of the Phenom family he was fortunate to get a workout with Jordan Lawley, a top trainer. As a member of the Phenom family, my son received continued support in pursuit of his dreams. I am actually typing this in front of the practice facility of the Utah Jazz in which my son was selected as the only athlete to attend a Jazz camp for the G league. Thank you Jordan Lawley, Thank you Joe Keller and thank you Phenom!

Player Testimonial

"Phenom America camp taught me how to be a better student in the classroom and on the basketball court. Coach Dave Taylor's speech about maintaining good grades as well giving my best effort all of the time and being accountable for my actions is something I use to motivate myself everyday. I tell my teammates all of the time the things I learned at Phenom. I can't wait for the next Phenom Camp!"

-Leyla Crenshaw

Parent Testimonial

First and foremost, thank you for orchestrating an elite camp experience comprised of high caliber leadership, coaches, and youth. I have had the opportunity to experience various camps throughout my career, and by far your camp structure and overall focus on building a complete student athlete resonated and truly set your organization a part.

As a follow up to our conversation, I look forward to hearing more and exploring next steps. Our primary focus is to ensure that our son, William Phillips, not only excels on the court, but off the court as well. Such opportunities would give him the ability to do so and allow for him to continue to excel within his education. I look forward to connecting August 16 as mentioned. In the interim, if there is any additional information you need from me, please let me know.

It was a true pleasure meeting your wife and son.  Basketball is woven into the fabric of our family as well and is truly a love we all share and at the heart of our business.  Wishing you success as you prepare for Hawaii and the upcoming Phenom Camp.

-Bobby Phillips

Parent Testimonial

My son attended the 2022 Camp in San Diego. Overall experience was great. Would definitely go again.  The talent we saw and training at this camp was like no other camp he has been too. My only complaints are the registration process was long!  I would also recommend the Jr phenom and older kids be separated, way too many kids in one building.
- Angela Gray

Parent/ Coach Testimonial

"Being able to change a kids life through the game of basketball is a blessing, and being a part of Phenom America has given me the opportunity to continue to do that. The connections I have been able to make and the relationships I have been able garner through Phenom America with people who share the same ideas and views on youth basketball are ones that will last a lifetime, and for that I am truly grateful.”

-Lance Crenshaw

Player Testimonial

Hello My name is Malachi Johnson, Part of Class 2025, I really liked this camp because it helped me develop my weaker abilities and it helped me have a chance of exposure and make new friendships with people across the world. I really liked my teammates and during the camp because we all stuck together and grew our relationships throughout the came coming through as strangers to each other and coming out as friends. My coach I had at the camp (Coach Wilson) showed me new ways in my game mainly in the shooting and defensive cores because I asked him to help me develop my shooting and defense.
-Malachi Johnson

Coach/ Parent Testimonial

I have known Joe Keller and family (Phenom Family) for most of 10 years. He is a man of character and loyalty to his Phenom Family and business. He is a passion about the game and always wanting to share his wealth of basketball knowledge and experience with the Student-Athletes. August 2012 my son and 2 other kids attend Phenom National Camp in San Diego, CA. Coaching with Phenom in 2012 I didn't know how much impact it would have on the 3 players and myself. After those 3 days it changed my son's life forever. He attending the camp 2 more times before graduating in 2017 and going to college now with an Overseas Basketball Agent he has got many opportunities to move forward with his basketball. The passion that I have for the game of basketball goes along with the incredible job provided by Joe and Phenom Family building basketball opportunities platform for Student-Athletes and families. On August 2022 I took 5 more Student-Athletes to the Phenom Jr & 150 National in San Diego, CA. One of my kids enjoyed it in (August 2021) so much that he returns for his second year 2022. It was amazing to hear the kids talk about how much they have learned in 3 days and look forward to attending August 2023. I have enjoyed working with the Phenom Family and giving the kids a chance to be a part of a great, amazing camp. I am excited to be a part of Phenom that shares its vision of working hard to make kids and families dream come true. I will continue to be a part of Phenom Family and help change kids' life. Again Joe, Violet and family for sharing this opportunity of coaching, Phenom SC Director/National Scout and most importantly bringing kids to the camp.
-Coach Libby Smith

College Player/ College Coach Testimonial

My camp experience helped me grow as a player and a person. You will have the opportunity to learn skills that will help you both on and off the court. I had the privilege to attend the first ever Phenom Camp. It gave me the ability to showcase my talent & skillset against some of the best players in the world. The camp played a huge part in my basketball career.

Thanks so much for all your support!
Appreciate you JK! Hope to see you soon
Tyler Lewis
McDonalds All American
North Carolina State

Coach/ Professional Player/ Parent Testimonial

As a professional basketball player, basketball trainer, AAU Coach, middle and state champion high school coach, I can say that I have been around some basketball. I have seen many camps thrown by many different people. As a father of 4 boys that want to play, I can honestly say that the Phenom Basketball Camp is one of the only camps that I will allow my boys to attend. I had the pleasure of working with Joe Keller and his family with their 2022 Phenom Boys Camp and I must say that it was well put together. It's very hard to find that many coaches in one place that actually and genuinely care about the kids. There were real people there trying to help kids better themselves and get to that next level. I met some really great people that will be friends for life and enjoyed myself in San Diego. I will without a doubt stay connected and coaching with these guys!

Dale "Coach D" Miller
Tucson High Magnet School
Tucson, AZ

The Greatest Shooter in The World Testimonial

If your a serious player and want to compete against the best, get great coaching then make sure you attend PHENOM CAMP 🏀 I always look forward to being there and working with  the players + coaches.

-Dave Hopla

Parent/ Coach Testimonial

My name is Curtis Houlder. I was a parent first at Phenom America national camp and appreciated everything Joe Keller and his staff did for my son and other players I brought out to phenom. It was a exceptional experience for me, i decided to coach the following year and had a tremendous experience learning from other coaches and building everlasting bonds not only with thw players I coached but within the Phenom America family. If there is one camp anyone or any player should experience at least once in there life time. Whether coaching or as a parent, this camp will change your way of think how the game is taught and how it is played.

Thank you for the experience.
Curtis Holder
Atlanta, Georgia

Coach Testimonial

I was fortunate enough to work multiple phenom national camps in San Diego, CA in my young coaching career, not only was it a great learning experience for the campers but was a great learning experience for my coaching career as well. It’s a high-level camp that is very professional, organized and has tons of young talent at all age groups. It’s very organized, structured and has tons of high-level coaches instructing the campers which allows players to learn what it would be like to play at the college level and beyond. A very unique camp unlike any other in the country where players get to go through not only on court training, competitive games but players also get to go through film study sessions and informative camp talks which is important to help campers learn how to think the game and how to carry themselves off the court. Overall would highly recommend this camp for any players who are considering attending, you will receive national exposure, high level teaching, compete against elite competition and the overall structure of the camp will no doubt get you better.

- Coach Lucas Archuleta

Parent/ Coach Testimonial

My name is Don Roberson, I am from Sacramento California. My 12 year experience with Phenom from a coach and parents perspective was not just a great experience but very successful for my son Jordan Roberson and team mates Jordan Ford and Noah Blackwell. I coached for Norcal Pharaohs Basketball Program from Sacramento California. We started by attending a regional camp back in 2009-2010. My son was 4th grade going to 5th grade, also his team mates Jordan Ford and Noah Blackwell. We made the camp but not the all star team, it was very challenging but very rewarding took 2 years before they made the All Star team consistently. Even if you don't make the All Stars the experience is still great. If you continue to come and continue to work, you eventually EARN the opportunity.

The competition was fierce and consistent from all over the country. This was perfect way to end our AAU seasons. Considering we were ambitious training with top trainer Ganon Baker and very competitive traveling all over the state to compete in Nationals tournament events. The greatest experience with Phenom we were able to get the competitive environment with high level players right in California without traveling. Getting great exposure every year at Phenom camp training and playing against the best players from all over USA from 5th grade all the way to high school.
My players and son all got division 1 scholarship offers and some made it to NBA and Overseas playing professional basketball today. I have continued to coach at Phenom today to see up close Phenom grow expedientialy to expand to have players come world wide. This makes the experience that much greater to get high level competition, training and competing in same building for 3 days together without Traveling. You can't go wrong EVER going to Phenom National Camp, especially for the price. If you have to travel to compete in a Phenom National Camp type environment the cost would be very expensive, much more then Phenom. Phenom is not just a great experience, but a great investment for your kid.
- Don Roberson
Sacramento, California

Parent Testimonial

My son has attended The Phenom Camp for a total of 4 years. In a three period, this platform gives the players a slight insight into what it takes to compete on a college level. It builds character and give players a true gage as it relates to higher level competition. It embarks on the educational aspect of sports (Today’s recruiting process; Film study; etc.). It includes in depth conversation with current and past NBA Players. There’s also a realistic informative discussion with the parents followed by a question/answer period. The Camp does not guarantee any of the athletes a scholarship, but it puts both the parent and athlete on the right path to earning one…

“Hats off to Mr. Joe Keller and the Phenom Family for a PHENOMINAL EXPERIENCE!!!”

Again Thanks,

Warren Winters

Coach Testimonial

Good afternoon. My name is Casey Seawright and I worked at Phenom Camp in 2016. It was a good experience and the minute my child was old enough I wanted to bring him. I loved the film sessions and the bond I made with other coaches. It was a great learning experience for me as a coach.
- Casey Seawright

Phenom National Scout, Coach, & Director

PHENOM AMERICA NATIONAL CAMP provided an amazing opportunity for me to coach and invite kids from the midwest to compete against kids from all over the world. This camp provides opportunities for the players to receive individual evaluations, to be scouted by recruitings services from all around the country and a chance to work with top trainers at the next level! The connections players and coaches can make at this camp are remarkable! The camp continues to expand and grow, while always adding things to elevate the player's camp experience! Joe Keller, Dave Taylor and Phenom America Staff make sure players and parents are aware of what it takes to play at the next level. They are committed to providing players with the opportunity to participate in one of the best exposure camps in the country!


“Ryan Baumgartner, Indiana - Phenom National Scout, Coach, & Director”

Player/ Coach Testimonial

I am very excited that I get to work Jr Phenom and 150 camp this summer as a coach and counselor of the camp. Phenom was a life changing event I attended in middle school because how much professionalism it was ran with. The competition and exposure was not like anything I have ever seen. After attending the camp, I received my first D1 letter in 8th grade. It prepared me to face major talent going into a high school as a freshmen on varsity. From then on I earned a division scholarship at IUPUI and that turned in to me currently entering my 3rd season as a professional. I have played in Bosnia, Macedonia, El Salvador, China and Albania. This is the best middle school and high school basketball camp and around and I am grateful to be apart of it again after 12 years.

- Leo Svete

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