National Staff

Phenom America

Joe Keller

President of Phenom Basketball Inc. (2002-Present)
36 Years of Basketball Entrepreneurship
29 Years of Coaching Experience
36 Years in Grassroots Sports Marketing
36 Years in Branding Development
Player Mentorship and Future Guidance
Phenom America

Violet Keller

Vice President/COO
Vice President of Phenom Basketball Inc. (2002-Present)
Marketing Director
30 Years in Grassroots Sports Marketing
36 Years in Office Management
Phenom America

Jordan Keller

National Basketball Operations Director
National Camp Daily Operations for Phenom Basketball Inc. (2002-Present)
Product Organizer for Phenom Basketball
Strategical Planning for Phenom Basketball
Phenom Basketball Office Coordinator
Played Baseball at San Diego State College
Phenom America

Dave Taylor

National Camp Director
Camp Director for Phenom Basketball Inc. (2002-Present)
High School and College Basketball Coach for 18 Years
Head Coach at Lodi High School and Assist w/ Native American National Team
High School Coach at Templeton High School and Canyon High School
4 Years Division I Assistant Coach at United States Air Force Academy & Head JV Coach – Performed Recruiting
Duties, Off-season Conditioning Programs and Scouting Assignments
Phenom America

Kitrell Dejesus

National Camp Operations Director
Basketball Operations/Development (2008-Present)
Recruiting Director
14 year of Coaching
13 years of Recruiting some of the top prospect National Camp.
4 Years of being a Recruiting Director
Phenom America

Monty Buckley

National and Regional Camp Director
National and Regional Camp Director of Phenom Basketball Inc. (2005-Present)
16 Years of Coaching Experience
16 Years in Grassroots Sports Marketing
Coached in the NBA (Bucks)
Signed with the Golden State Warriors, Sacramento Kings and Portland Trailblazers
Played for Universary of California 1991-1995 (Bucks)
NBA Scout, Film and Player Development (Bucks)
Phenom America

Jordan Lawley

National Director/ Development
Director of Skill Development of Phenom Camps 2009-Present)
Four-year starter at UC San Diego
Nike Big man Camp Korea
Jordan Brand Classic Trainer
NBA Pre-Draft/ NBA Pro Days (2014-2016) Trainer
Phenom America

Dave Hopla

National Camp Shooting Instructor
Player Development of Phenom Basketball Inc. (2002-Present)
Considered by many to be the top shooter in the world.
Has worked with NBA, WNBA and College players.
Coached for the Raptors, Wizards, Knicks and Pistons
Motivational Speaker
Phenom America

Ganon Baker

National Director/ Development
Player Development (2001-Present)
Basketball Mentorship
14 years of Coaching
Phenom America

Rick Lewis

National Camp Director of North Carolina
President of Phenom Hoop Report (NCAA Compliant Scouting Service)
Phenom North Carolina Regional Director for 19 years
Graduated from Appalachian State 1979
Sports Correspondent Charlotte Observer & News and Observer
Co-Host Talking Preps
Phenom America

Tyler Lewis

National Camp Director of Operations
VP of Phenom Hoops
2017 Butler University Graduate
4X NCAA Tournaments (Sweet 17 2017)
2012 McDonalds All American & VA Gatorade POY
2012 National Champion (Oak Hill Academy)
D1 College Basketball Coach (Furman University, East Carolina University, Elon University)
Phenom America

Colby Lewis

National Camp Director of Operations
2020-Present: Phenom Hoops, Vice President and Director of Scouting
2018-2020: UMBC Men’s Basketball: Director of Player Development
2019: UMBC Men’s Basketball: America East Conference Runner-Up
2013-2018: Charlotte 49ers Men’s Basketball: video Coordinator and Associate Director of Basketball Operations
2013: Puerto Rico Tip-Off Champions
2009-2013: Charlotte 49ers Men’s Basketball: Student Athlete
2013: NIT Appearance
2012: Great Alaska Shootout Champions
Phenom America

Lance Crenshaw

National Camp Director of Texas Girls
15+ years Coaching Experience
Two years Phenom Coach, First Year Director
Head Coach for New Mexico Zias Elite Girls
Former Sports-writer and Broadcaster
Phenom America

Jameel Mahmud

National Girls Camp Director
2022- Named National Girls Camp Director 2016-2022 Executive VP (Ladera Sports Center) 2007-Present Team Nikos Club team (VP) (Coach/Trainer) 2001-2007 Basketball Trainer/Coach 2000-2001 Professional Basketball Player (KK Sloga-Serbia) Led the team in Scoring at 16 a game Led the Yuba league in 3pt FG% shooting 50% 1994-1998 Played at Colorado State Univ. (Most Inspirational Player award (1997), MVP (1998) 2nd Team all WAC Conference (1997, 1998) Led the WAC in 3pt FG% (45%) 1993-1994 Played at the Univ. of Nevada
Phenom America

David Vasquez

National Player Development
Attended the Phenom National Camp 7 years in a row
National Player Development for Phenom for 5 years
Has played Professional Basketball in the ABA
Played 4 years of College Basketball
Phenom America

Andre Anderson

National Camp Scouting Director
Basketball Operations/Development
Recruiting Director
* USA Basketball Gold Licensed
* National Youth Sports Coaches Association (NYSCA) Certified
* Jr. NBA Coach Certification
* BS Sports Management
* Military Veteran
* Regional Director w/ SDC
* Player Development w/Breakthrough Basketball
* Player Development w/ Texas Nighthawks (ABA)
Phenom America

Brandon Baker

National Camp Assistant Director
Assistant Camp Director of Phenom Basketball Inc. (2002-Present)
High School Coach 19 Years
Phenom America

Gary Lynn Hollomon

Phenom Head of Basketball Official
High school/ College basketball Official 1996-Present Aba and semi professional Official experience for 28yr Asst. Coach San Diego King of the ABA league (2017-2019) Asst. Head coach San Diego Guardians of the TBL league 2021-2022 Prep Hoop Girls Basketball Writer Evaluator (2021-Present Cuyamaca college Women basketball asst. coach 2022-Present
Phenom America

Cory Green

National Camp South Regional Director
South Regional Director

As a professional Basketball Trainer, I have become well-known and respected throughout the greater DFW area. After training with some of the greatest trainers in the world as an athlete, I developed my own unique and effective teaching methods. I focus on getting your body and mind focused on the game and preparing you to compete against the best. We work on building new and old skills. we work to build Character and developmental goal for each age group. I have helped get many young athletes into college's around the US, Some of those athletes are having the opportunity to experience semi-pro basketball. At CDG Movement we work hard to make sure that these young athletes tap into all of their abilities while enjoying the sport of basketball.
Phenom America

Dave Keefer
Rivals/California Preps

National Scouting
National Scouting Director of Phenom Basketball Inc. (2009-Present)
29 Years in Scouting and Media
Phenom America

Clark Francis
Hoopscoop Online

National Scouting
National Scouting Director of Phenom Basketball Inc. (2009-Present)
30 Years in Scouting and Media
Phenom America

Neal Carter

Ball Dawg Social Media Platform - @balldawgs
President/CEO at Ball Dawgs, said: “We are proud to be both associated and partnered with Phenom Basketball Inc. in Joe Keller's endeavors and growth in the Basketball community.”
Phenom America

Veronica Lua

Office Consultant
Office Consultant of Phenom Basketball Inc. (2002-Present)
19 years Sports Marketing
19 Years in Grassroots Sports Marketing
Phenom Store Product Organizer
Phenom America

Patrick O'Brien

Director of Operations and Branding
Director of Operations at Phenom Hoops
Phenom America Marketing and Branding
National Scout and Recruiting Analyst.
Formerly at ESPN
Phenom America

Joses Franklin

National Camp Daily Operation
National Camp Daily Operations for Phenom Basketball Inc. (2002-Present)
Product Organizer for the Phenom National Camps.
High School Basketball Coach for 8 Years
Phenom America

Alissa Keller

Product Manager
Product sales for Phenom Basketball Inc. (2002-Present)
Product/Sales Manager of Phenom Basketball Inc.

Advancement/ Educational Platform:

Phenom America

Paul Battillo

Medical Trainer
Medical Trainer of Phenom Basketball Inc. (2009-Present)
Medical Trainer for San Diego School District for 23 Years
Phenom America

John Daniels

Trainer/Strength Conditioning
Trainer Strength and Conditioning Coach
Trainer of Phenom Basketball Inc. (2012-Present)