For current 9th – 12th graders, this is an unforgettable life-time experience.  Phenom 150 puts the greatest high school age talent on the floor at one time on a national stage.  It provides the opportunity to gain the legitimate exposure which is necessary today if you want to play in college.  Each Year the competition to win basketball scholarships at every level becomes more intense. Every legitimate means of gaining an edge toward securing an education and an opportunity to play at the college level is an investment in your future.  Only a handful of players win D-I scholarships each year and this is where you show your skills and prove that you deserve a shot!


1.  A chance to prove you are an elite player in your region

2.  A chance to measure your skills against players in your region

3.  A chance to earn an invitation to the National Junior Phenom Camp in San Diego, CA

4.  An opportunity to increase exposure which will help with marketing to college coaches

5.  Receive a written evaluation of your performance to help assess what you need to improve on for college

6 . Quality of instruction and daily drills to implement to strengthen current weaknesses

7.  Phenom apparel


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