TNDO (TeamNoDaysOff) Testing is a measurement system that evaluates the athletes’ ability to perform at their highest level. The testing procedures measures several area of athletes performance based on certain functional movements. By providing these tests all parties involved will benefit; from the athlete, coaches, trainers, and teams.

TNDO and Phenom Camps will provide all the information needed to get all the base line numbers of the athlete. With this information the athlete will be able to improve and meet their individual goals through athletic testing. The test results will help each individual to identify all athletic markers. All testing protocols are fair, reliable, and unbiased. The testing will focus on strength, speed, power, and agility.

The testing will complete the whole Phenom Camps experience. The testing will be standard and sport specific. After the athlete finishes the testing we will compile the data and give each athlete a test score. With the score each athlete will be able to compare themselves with their peers. Athletes should know where they measure up.