What great memories of your camp! I took my daughter, Kelly Gramlich (now playing basketball for Clemson), and my son, John Gramlich (signing later this month to play for St. Edward’s University, Austin, TX) to your camp. What a great experience! Thank you.

Charles Gramlich

My Phenom Camp Experiences
The first year I went to the Phenom Camp, I didn’t know what to expect. All I expected was for us to play games and competing against each other in team play, like all the other camps. But after being there a few days, I had a better view on this camp when the coaches begin to talk with us about the fundamentals of the game and the importance of fundamentals. Before we even begin team play this was instilled in our minds. Throughout the 5 years I’ve been there, campers have had film study, many life lessons taught, and even professional players come in to share their experiences and knowledge of the game.
One person I will never forget from this camp is Dave Taylor because he has taught me a lot about respect, courage, and having the will to win. Two different stories he told me changed the way I thought about life and I thank him for that. The first is about Isaiah Thomas and how he played for Bob Knight at the University of Indiana. Coach Knight had a strict rule about players who were not on time for practice and those players were not allowed to play the next game. On the way to practice one day with his girlfriend his car breaks down causing him to literally have to run to practice. This story gave me something to model myself after and I decided this was one habit (punctuality) I would try to use and remember each day of my daily life, when at school and at home.
The next story is about Len Bias and how he was considered the greatest player of all time, even better than Michael Jordan. The day he was drafted by the Celtics was considered the greatest day in Celtic History. However, that night his life was taken after going to a party and making the bad judgment of using cocaine. Larry Bird said, “ This is the worst day in Celtic History.” This brings a great lesson to us on how we should not live our lives. I think the biggest lesson I leaned from this is story that I can apply to life and to basketball is sometime you don’t get a second chance and sometime that one thing can affect you for the rest of your life – that can be good or bad, You have to make wise choices throughout like, which can mean talking with your parents and surrounding yourself with positive people that can help to influence your decision making and know who your friends are.
In all of my years attending the Phenom Camp, it introduced me to new experiences, new people, and new ways to further enhance my skills as a basketball player and as a person. All the coaches were always very helpful, friendly, and cared about every single player at the camp, from doing all the optional workouts to even coming in at 7 a.m. in the morning to hold workouts.
From 6th grade until now my family and friends all tell me I have grown and has become a better player but more importantly a person and I believe this camp has attribute to that. Overall I feel like this camp gave me some great experiences and I advise everyone to attend this camp because it is life changing. But most importantly I thank Joe Keller because without him I wouldn’t have even had a chance to be who I am today.

Aaron Briggs

My son Jaylin Reed had an experience at the National Jr. phenom Camp last year! He loved the competition and met many friends nationwide! The camp held early bird workouts and showed kids how to be ON TIME and how to BE READY! Jaylin stayed in a dorm with other kids so he actually got the feel of how college life would be! I loved how the staff had the kids write papers from what they viewed in film sessions etc.. Jaylin loved the stations and the atmosphere! It was worth the trip across the country!

Marcus Reed/VCU Basketball Alumni

One word describes my experience at the Adidas Phenom Camp,
This camp scouts out kids from state to state and showcase their talents on a national level. It equips each player with essential tools to perform at the best of their abilities. This camp provides a high level of competition and it allows you to receive national ranking. Another key component, is the cutting edge knowledge of training you receive from the coaching staff. The coaching staff focuses on basketball training techniques that will improve your game! Such as improving your shooting skills, ball handling skills, defensive skills, scoring abilities, and most important life lessons. Obviously, this camp is for those who have a serious work ethic, discipline, and willingness to do what it takes to get to the NEXT level. As well as any player who has the dedication to make their dreams a reality.
“Great moments are born from great opportunities. And that’s what I’ve experienced at the Adidas Phenom Camp.”

Chase Adams

The camp is well run, experienced staff and the Directors are always there.
The kids are there to get better period! I believe most do. Young players
that think that are good should be here to challenge or be challenged.
Lester Diaz

Director -Elite Student Athletes


Opportunities do not go away, they go to someone else.” Don’t let the
PHENOM Opportunity pass you by!!!!

Fred Brown Jr-Seattle, Washington

Mr. Keller,
I really enjoyed the Phenom 150 Camp. It was very well organized. I thank
you for all the work you did, setting it up and running it. I look forward
to returning next year.
Thank you,

Gavin Bartlett, #95 Green

Joe, I commend you and all your staff for their time and effort. I never saw
my son, Ken, so happy to be so exhausted! He has yet to stop talking about
his experience at your camp and I know it made a great impression on him.
Coach Dave was wonderful and I know that Ken took what he said about what it
takes to heart. I again can’t thank you enough for the opportunity.



Hi Joe,
We wanted to take some time out tell you how much we enjoyed the camp in San Diego. We did not know what to expect coming into Phenom camp but what Dion experienced was wonderful for the growth of his game. We know many parents were very upset about their kid not making the all-star team and that is unfortunate for them; we were very excited for the opportunity that Dion had. We compared Dion’s Varsity evaluation with the regional phenom evaluation and the national phenom eval and we see great growth in him as a young man and his game.
Dion met great kids while at the camp. His coach Joey was awesome. We enjoyed the way he coached the kids and motivated them to play harder. Dave Taylor was so real with the players in his conversations with them. We especially enjoyed how Dave transitioned the kids who didn’t make all-star to continue to work hard.
Overall we had an awesome experience at Phenom 150 and if available would love to return next year. Thanks again Joe for the hard work you put into making this experience happen for the players.

Abe & Farah Mack / Parents of Dion Mack