Boot Camp

Phenom Boot Camp (Boys)

August 10-14, 2017
Ages 7-9, 10-14, and 15-18 yrs. old

Phenom Boot Camp (Girls)

August 10-14, 2017
Ages 7-9, 10-14, and 15-18 yrs. old

The Phenom Boot Camp is an all-encompassing experience unlike any other experience a player will get today. At the Phenom Boot Camp we emphasize all the aspects of a basketball player who has a desire to play basketball at the next level. Phenom Boot camps concentrate on the “on court” skills, as well as the “off the court” skills required for success at the next level unlike most other camps. All-star selections are not just based on play but off court performance.

Phenom Boot Camp focuses on:
• Mental/Physical side of the game (toughness/approach of elite players)
• Basketball Situation Breakdown
• Clock Mgmt.
• Basketball I.Q. (look to improve in EVERY player)
• Film and visual feedback (of professional/collegiate players)
• Academic Success (S.A.T., core courses, clearing house, NCAA needs)
• Distractions (testimonials from current /collegiate players to campers)
• Aspects of the next basketball prospect

This camp is not for everyone. It is for the athlete that wants to develop and the elite player that wants to get better! It is for the serious basketball player that has a desire, a dream, a NEED to receive a basketball scholarship and/or be able to play at the next level.

Phenom Boot camp is:
• Intense
• High energy and challenging
• Rewarding

After this camp, every player will know if they have what it takes and if so, what they will need in order to achieve greatness and success at the next level.

We look forward to seeing you at the phenom boot camp. Only the serious players need apply.

“Our goal is to affect each camper’s life in a positive manner, which will in turn lead to positive changes in their life; lessons that will not only make them a more knowledgeable basketball player, but provide them with the tools and resources they will need to become a better student and person as well!”

The Junior Phenom and Phenom 150 camps are specifically designed to concentrate on competition and exposure, but with the Phenom Boot Camp, we will throw the society of basketball camps back into an “old school” mode with strict focus on development, training, competition, exposure and education.

Program Intentions
This program is a rigorous one. This camp will focus on discipline, attitude and effort. Each player must be prepared to work hard starting the moment they walk through the door. We feel the number one vital component in the success of the game of life is internal discipline! This is a character flaw that appears to be missing in the vast majority of players, and kids in general, in today’s society. Phenom wants to help instill the “Skill of Internal Discipline”, not only as it relates to basketball but also as it relates to the game of life. By understanding and developing this specific skill set, parents and players will understand, and eventually see the benefits on and off the court, while having an absolute blast during the process!!

What does “Development” Mean to YOU?
Development, for the Phenom Boot Camp staff, is one of the most important concepts that we undertake in our program. Our program is designed to take the word “development” and turn it into something special. The focus is not solely on teaching fundamental basketball skills, but going one step further and teaching LIFE LESSONS that will build upon the foundation of the player’s character in order to develop him/her to succeed in the game of life.

A Philosophy of Individualism
Phenom Boot Camp’s philosophy is to treat each player individually. We will give each player a comprehensive and detailed evaluation report card. It can be used as a reminder of the things that need to be worked on and improved throughout the year. This evaluation will detail the player’s individual strengths and weaknesses. It will also provide solutions and ideas that will solve some of those weaknesses.

Camp Details You Must Know!

Tuition:   $535.00  Registration Fee includes uniform and meals

Location:  Alliant International University, 10455 Pomerado Road, San Diego, CA, 92131



Transportation:  If you are flying, plan to arrive on Thursday. San Diego International Airport is located 17 miles (25 minutes) south of Alliant University.

Hotel: Four Point By Sheraton












We hope this message finds you doing well! We are excited here at Phenom to have you as a part of our upcoming camp. We would like to take a moment to let you all know that we have changed hotel locations for our event. We felt this change was needed in order to continue to provide the best overall experience for everyone who attends our camp. The new site is a much nicer property. The new location accommodates everything that is needed to run a successful camp along with providing a more spacious environment, better room rates and a prime location in relation to restaurants and additional entertainment.

We are very excited for the new location and cannot wait to share it with everyone. As we continue to strive to improve our camps every year we have no doubt that the new venue will help us do that!
Below you will find the appropriate link(s) for our Host hotel:  Link
(Registration, Uniform pick-up, Schedule, Photo Op, Team assignments, National Camp store, Information booth and all other vendor booths will be present at this location only)