President/CEO: Joe Keller

  • President of Phenom Basketball Inc. (2002-Present)
  • 33 Years of Coaching Experience
  • 34 Years in Grassroots Sports Marketing
  • 33 Years in Brand Development & Player mentorship/future guidance
  • 26 years married and 3 beautiful children

National Camp Director: Dave Taylor

  • Camp Director for Phenom Basketball Inc. (2002-Present)
  • High School and College Basketball Coach for 21 Years
  • Head Coach at Lodi High School and Asst. w/ Native American National Team
  • Director of DTX Travel Program
  • 4 Years Division 1 Assistant Coach at United States Air Force Academy/Performs recruiting Duties

Vice President/COO: Violet Keller

  • Vice President of Phenom Basketball Inc. (2002-Present)
  • Marketing Director/Registrar
  • 18 Years in Grassroots Sports Marketing
  • Office Management
  • 26 years married with 2 beautiful Children

Head of Basketball Operations: Kitrell De Jesus

  • Graduated from Barber Scotia College
  • Coached boys basketball for over 20 years
  • Member of Kappa Alpha PSI for 24 years
  • Been with Phenom Basketball for over 12 Years
  • Represents Phenom at the annual Gatorade convention

Girls National Director: Lance Crenshaw

  • 16 Years of coaching experience
  • Co-Founder and Head coach of the New Mexico Zias Elite
  • 16 Years media/marketing experience
  • Former Sports writer/Broadcaster

Phenom Administrator: Veronica Lua

  • Administrator of Phenom Basketball Inc. (2002-Present)
  • 18 Years Sports Marketing
  • Product Manager and Regional Director Administrator
  • 19 Years in Grassroots Sports Marketing

Marketing and Branding Director: LeMoure Stephens

  • 4 Years Graphic Art Design experience
  • 12 years as a marketing and branding consultant
  • Co-Owner of 4th Quarter Sports, specializing in youth sports.
  • Coaching Lady Hoops in San Antonio for 8 years

North Texas/New Mexico Regional Director: Lance Crenshaw

  • 16 Years of coaching experience
  • Co-Founder and Head coach of the New Mexico Zias Elite
  • 16 Years media/marketing experience
  • Former Sports writer/Broadcaster

Iowa Regional Director: Acie Earl

  • 1st round pick Boston Celtics (2 years) , 2 years Toronto Raptors, and 1 with the Milwaukee Bucks
  • Ranked 79th in high school and attended Nike ABCD camp
  • Former University of Iowa player
  • 8 Years overseas player with 3 MVP
  • 5 Years HS Coach, 12 years AAU and 3 years Semi pro in CBA, WBA and ABA trainer

Houston Regional Director: Steve Chapman

  • Coaching basketball over 15 years
  • 6 Years of girls’ basketball
  • Favorite player is Allen Iverson
  • Coached in New York City, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and currently Houston

Dallas Regional Director::  Gene Watts

  • Father of 6 kids
  • Head Coach/Trainer of Team Ichiban Basketball since 1997
  • Inducted into the Ocean City H.S. Hall of Frame
  • Former player/coach for Arlington Texans semi-pro team
  • All Saints H.S. head coach 2005-2013 / Asst. boys Coach at Episcopal H.S. 2013-2019

National Camp Lead Trainer and Director- Brandon Baker

  • Lead trainer at Phenom for 18 years
  • Assistant Camp Director of Phenom Basketball Inc. (2002-Present)
  • High School Coach 16 Years

National Camp Lead Trainer and Director: David Vasquez

  • Trainer at Phenom for 5 Years
  • Los Angeles #1 Draft pick in the 2021 ABA DRAFT
  • Played 2 seasons with the ABA I
  • Played college basketball at Umpqua
  • Participated in Phenom National camp as a youth for 8 straight years

National Scouting Analyst: Rick Lewis

  • Phenom Hoop Report
  • National Scouting Director of Phenom Basketball Inc.
  • 19 Years in Phenom Grassroots Sports Marketing
  • 18 Years Phenom Event Coordinator

Product Sales Consultant: Alissa Keller

  • Product sales consultant for Phenom Basketball Inc. (2018-2021t)
  • Product and Sales Manager
  • Product inventory and ordering
  • Phenom camp product design
  • Studying at University of Arizona Global Campus

National Camp Daily Operation: Jonathan JJ Johnson

  • National camp daily operations for Phenom Basketball Inc. (2004-2021)
  • Phenom Product store and inventory
  • Phenom Truck Transport
  • Product organizer for San Diego National camp

National Camp Daily Operations:  Jordan Keller

  • Daily operations at  Phenom Basketball Inc. (2016-2021)
  • Graduated from Woodcrest Christian High School
  • Played Baseball as SDSU
  • Product Truck Transport
  • Sign Distribution for camp

National Camp Physical Trainer/Performance Testing: John Daniels

  • Husband and father of 3
  • Performance Evaluation at Phenom for 8 years
  • Public speaker/Marriage Mentor
  • Played Baseball at Cal Poly Pomona
  • Degree in Sports Medicine
  • Love Golf

Medical Trainer: Paul Battillo

  • Medical Trainer of Phenom Basketball Inc. (2009-2021)
  • Athletic trainer for SDSU 92-95
  • San Diego Gulls assistant trainer, San Diego Flash trainer
  • Trainer for UCSD current trainer for Mater Dei Catholic school

National Camp Scout and Director: Monty Buckley

  • Milwaukee Bucks Assistant Coach
  • Played 91-95 University of California
  • Sweatbox Owner
  • Played overseas
  • Community Outreach

National Scouting: Clark Francis

National Scouting: Dave Keefer

  • Rivals/ California Preps
  • National Scouting Director of Phenom Basketball Inc. (2002-2021)
  • 23 Years in Scouting Media

Coaching Director: Daryl Harrison

    • Recruiting Director
    • 21 Years of coaching experience- club and high school
    • 5 years Phenom Coach and director
    • Assistant coach NJCAA Division 1 School

National Phenom Coach: Justin Palmer

    • National camp coach at Phenom Basketball for 6 years
    • Head Coach for youth wrestling team
    • Assistant Coach for semi-pro baseball 2 years
    • Everyday operations at Phenom National camp
    • Owns his own buisness

Phenom photographer: Kosta Goumenidis

    • Navy Veteran
    • Proud Father
    • Basketball lver
    • Process believer
    • Technology

Phenom Website: Alain Maisonneuve

  • Entrepreneur creating and managing the Phenom Digital Landscapre (2017-2021)
  • Founder and Executive Director AAM Creative Inc (
  • Mobile App and Web Application Developer for 20 years